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Orbiting Code is dedicated to providing our clients with state-of-the-art, professional, reliable, and highly personalized hosting services. The current corporate trend in the United States is to outsource service and support to increase revenue. We consider this trend to be a move in the wrong direction for corporations. Although outsourcing might improve the bottom line, it decreases the value of service to customers, and displaces many jobs. "Our promise is to always maintain facilities and support staff in the United States".


The Orbiting Code Network is comprised entirely of Linux based Web, Database, DNS and Mail servers. Additionally, all routers and firewalls also run Linux. We've chosen Linux primarily because of its reliability, stability and performance. Linux based operating systems are much more secure with respect to the abundance of viruses found on today's Internet. In fact, Linux systems are almost completely immune due to the fundamental nature of their kernel and operating systems. We've chosen Linux as the Operating System for our Web servers due to its incredible record of stability, speed, and reliability.


cPanel We have partnered with cPanel and now provide cPanel on all of our Web hosting plans. cPanel is a fully featured, easy to navigate interface that gives domain owners extended control of Web site settings, subdomains, databases, email, FTP, and much more. cPanel utilizes SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption to secure connections between your computer and our Web Servers, so your login and site information is always safe and secure. Our servers, and the cPanel interface run on Linux servers, however, you may access the control panel using Windows, Apple and Linux systems, or any other system via a Web Browser. 


One of our foremost objectives is the security of your Web site data, and most importantly your personal and billing information. We have taken extra measures far beyond those which are required to ensure that our network and your data is safe and secure. We are a verified Authorize.net merchant, and through our partnership with Authorize.net, we can ensure the most modern and secure processing of your private billing information. We also promise to never sell or supply any of your information to anyone, for any reason, ever.